Living Water Fellowship  Pastor Patricia Dunn   

"Write the Vision, Make it Plain".......Habakkuk 2:2   

LWF Outreach


Living Water Fellowship Church Records every sermon on tape. If you are interested in purchasing a copy. Go to our contact us page and give us a call. We will be happy to send you a copy.

I. Living Water Fellowship Outreach

A.)        What we are doing Now:

1.) Fostering and developing a ministering congregation

A ministering congregation has some of these specific characteristics:

·        Is mission focused,

·        Is committed to spiritual growth and development of its members and the congregation,

·        Knows its surrounding community and is responsive to the community's needs for ministry,

By doing this, we are fortifying the tools we are already have to aid us in our mission for Christ.

2.) Witnessing In The Community

Living Water Fellowship focuses on witnessing within the community because we want our members as well as our neighbors to pay attention to God. And we want people to be changed by the power of God. In order to live well, we need to see and hear God; We all need to be studying not only the creation but the Creator. God's message is that we are his witnesses; we have ears to hear his words, and they are the words of life.

3.) Fellowshipping With Other Churches

 Living Water Fellowship Values Fellowshipping with our own members, as well as with other true believers from other churches as well.  We want our members to see and be encouraged by the faithful men and women of God who exist everywhere and not just in our church. That is why we provide many opportunities for other churches to come and worship with us as well as attending events that other churches have invited us to.

What We Plan to do in the Future

1.)        Street Services 

2.)        Tent Revivals

3.)        Fundraising Events

4.)        Church Retreats